3 Tier Cake Stands

3 Tier cake stands are a beautiful way to present cakes and pastries and we have some lovely models to choose from, whether you want fun and funky or stylish and elegant there are plenty to choose from.

Our stands come in a variety of materials, from cardboard or glass all the way to natural slate.

3 Tier stands sell very well, being designed attractively and made with quality in mind they come in different sizes and shapes so whether you like simple, fuss-free lines or more exotically designed stands there’s sure to be something here for you.

Please use the table below to click-through to descriptions and pricing for individual dome cake stands.

Cardboard Cake Stand Silver or Gold34 x 30
Ceramic Cake Stand White27 x 27
China Cake Stand Alice In Wonderland38 x 27
Slate Cake Stand Slate/Silver34 x 30
Cardboard Cake Stand 8 Choices30 x 30
Plastic Cake Stand White45 x 28
Slate Cake Stand Slate/Gold34 x 25
Glass Cake Stand Clear34 x 25
Acrylic Cake Stand Clear30 x 30
Acrylic Cake Stand Clear26 x 26 x 24

3-Tier Cupcake Stand

(Silver or Gold)

This 3-tier cupcake stand comes in silver or gold. It’s 34cm high and the tiers are 15cm, 25cm and 30cm across. It’s made from thick, strong cardboard and can easily hold 20 to 30 or more cupcakes of standard size. It’s shiny finish makes it ideal for Christmas and parties, with a lovely heart-shape at the top this cake stand really shows off your cakes.

3 Tier Cake Stand


This ceramic serving platter comes in a classic, stylish design. Standing at 27 centimetres in height with 10 centimetres between the 3 tiers (diameters 17cm, 21cm, 26.5 cm).  Easy to assemble, dismantle and clean. Supplied flat packed in an elegant gift box making it perfect for use at a range of events or to be given as a gift.

3 Tier Cake Stand

(Fine China)

This stunning 3 tier cake stand comes in a beautiful Alice in Wonderland design from the V&A collection of the original artwork depicting a range of iconic scenes and characters. This stand is 38.5 centimetres in height with the largest plate width 27.3cm, made of fine china and supplied in an attractive gift box.  Large range of matching kitchenware available.

3 Tier Cake Stand

(Natural slate)

An elegant and beautiful 3 tier cake stand in a simple, classic and chic natural slate design – perfect as a centre piece to display sandwiches, cakes or appetizers at any event or party. Supplied flat packed and easy to assemble and dismantle for cleaning, storage and future use. Approximate size of tiers is 18 cm, 23 cm and 25 cm.

3-Tier Cupcake Stand

(Various Designs)

This 3-tier cupcake stand comes in 8 different finishes to choose from, ranging from silver or gold, to cartoon-characters and party patterns. It’s 30cm wide and high and holds around 24 cupcakes. With so many design options available, this cardboard stand is suitable for all sorts of different occasions, from baby showers to children’s and grown-up’s parties alike.

3 Tier Cake Stand

(Split level)

This unusual white 3 tier cake stand comes in a modern, avant-garde design perfect to display a range of foods at any occasion or event. Made from strong, durable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe ABS plastic with two removable plates making it easy to assemble and dismantle. The cake stand dimensions are 35 x 32.4 x 6.2 centimetre.

3 Tier Cake Stand


This cake stand comes in a classic and beautiful slate design perfect for displaying a range of foods at any event or occasion. Made from natural black slate this durable design comes flat packed and easy to assemble and dismantle with a stainless steel spindle and carry handle. Height is approximately 34cm with tiers measuring (diameter) 12.5cm, 22cm and 30cm.

3 Tier Cake Stand


This ornate, decorative 3 tier cake stand comes in clear glass with intricate and stylish embossed detailing making it perfect for displaying a range of cakes, desserts or foods at any elegant occasion or event. The cake stand comes flat packed and is therefore easy to assemble, dismantle and clean. The size of each tier is 18cm, 23cm and 25cm.

3 Tier Cake Stand


This simple 3-tier square cake stand in a sturdy clear acrylic is the perfect chic item to display your cupcakes, appetizers and much more. The design features raised boarders, rubber feet and screws for the supporting tube making it perfect or any party or occasion. Dimensions: Top tier 8”x 8” Middle tier 10” x 10” Bottom tier 12” x 12”.

3 Tier Cake Stand


This unique cake stand comes in a modern square design, made from a clear and durable acrylic it is easy to assemble and clean. This versatile stand comes in various designs available with or without carry handle, and with 3 or 4 tiers of 12cm, 10cm, 8cm and 6cm. Please check options available for the perfect display stand for your next event.