Cardboard Cake Stands

Cardboard cake stands main advantage is their low cost in comparison to other materials, they can be re-used a number of times if care is taken but obviously they are far more perishable than other materials such as wood cake stands or glass cake stands.

Another bonus is that cardboard is easily recycled, so you can be sure you’re doing your bit to be kind to the environment!

All of our cake stands are chosen from popular, well-received products that are best-sellers in their categories, there are a variety of colours, designs and finishes that cover most tastes, from plain to afternoon tea at the ritz!

Be sure to check the size of the stand and also it’s thickness, as very thin boards can’t support heavier cakes.

Please use the table below to click-through to descriptions and pricing for individual cardboard stands.

Rectangular Cake Box White33 x 23 x 15
10 x Round Cake Boards White25 x 0.15
3-Tier Cupcake Stand Silver or Gold30 x 34
3-Tier Cupcake Stand Various30 x 34
3-Tier Cupcake Stand Reversible32 x 36
Round Cake Board Silver20 x 0.4
Round Cake Board Mottled Silver20 x 0.3
Foldable Cake Stand Pastel Shades26 x 16 x 8
Round Cake Board Hammered Gold30 x 0.6
Round Cake Board Hammered Silver30 x 0.15

Cardboard Cake Box/Stand

This carboard cake stand comes in box form, for simple, fuss-free presentation. It’s also handy for transporting cakes as it comes with a sturdy, aluminium-foil base that works very well for all but the heaviest cakes.  It comes in 4 sizes up to 43x33x15cm, handily flat-packed for easy assembly, disassembly and storage and is easily wiped clean.

10 x Round Cardboard Cake Boards

These 25cm, round cake boards are in a matte, white finish and only 1.5mm deep. They are plain and simple and come in packs of ten. They are not the sturdiest of boards, being so thin, so aren’t recommended for transport and should only be used for final presentation. We don’t recommend their re-use since, when washed, because they are so thin they get soggy very easily.

3-Tier Cardboard Cupcake Stand


This 3-tier cupcake stand comes in silver or gold. It’s 34cm high and the tiers are 15cm, 25cm and 30cm across. It’s made from thick, strong cardboard and can easily hold 20 to 30 or more cupcakes of standard size. It’s shiny finish makes it ideal for Christmas and parties, with a lovely heart-shape at the top this cake stand really shows off your cakes.

3-Tier Cardboard Cupcake Stand

(Various Designs)

This 3-tier cupcake stand comes in 8 different finishes to choose from, ranging from silver or gold, to cartoon-characters and party patterns. It’s 30cm wide and high and holds around 24 cupcakes. With so many design options available, this cardboard stand is suitable for all sorts of different occasions, from baby showers to children’s and grown-up’s parties alike.

3-Tier Cardboard Cupcake Stand

(Reversible Tiers)

With three reversible tiers, each with a different pattern on both sides, this 3-tier cupcake has a lovely, floral feel to it – perfect for tea-parties, weddings and birthdays. It measures 32cm across the base and 36cm high and holds about 20 cupcakes. Made out of thick card and printed in vibrant colours this is an eye-catching and attractive cardboard cake stand.

Round Cardboard Cake Board


This round cake board comes in a silver finish and measures 36cm across by 4mm deep, being strong enough to support a heavy cake. The original listing mistakenly had a picture of a cake drum rather than a cake board and this resulted in a few unfavourable reviews, the most recent reviews are positive and say it’s of good quality.

Round Cardboard Cake Board

(Mottled Silver)

This round cake board is 20cm across and 3mm deep, you can purchase them singly, in packs of 5 or packs of 10.  Made from silver embossed foil this cake board is simple and elegant. It may be only 3mm deep but because it’s made from double-layer cardboard it’s surprisingly strong given it’s thin depth and is suitable for novelty cakes and sponges.

Foldable Cardboard Cake Stand

This foldable cake stand is easily cleaned and folds away when not in use, At 26cm across it can accomodate fairly large cakes, and fairly heavy cakes too, due to it’s squat and sturdy stand. The stand is decorated in pastel shades while the board itself is in a pastel-pink, chequered table-cloth style, making it suitable for children’s birthday parties and baby showers.

2 x Round Cardboard Cake Board


This gold-coloured cardboard cake stand has a rich, hammered-gold look to it and comes in packs of two. Measuring 30cm across and being 6mm thick It’s strong enough to support medium-weight cakes of 4 layers or so. It’s lustrous, gold finish makes it perfect for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

10 x Round Cardboard Cake Board

These cake boards are 30cm in diameter and 1.5mm thick. Being so thin they aren’t good for heavy cakes so please bear this in mind when choosing. The finish is a rugged, hammered silver look and is perfect for weddings and birthday parties. They are economical as they come in packs of 10, enough to keep most of us going for a while!