Gold Cake Stands

Gold cake stands are great for weddings or any occasion where you want that atmosphere of opulence. Our cake stands come in various shades of gold, such as rose gold, and other finishes are also available should they take your fancy.

Most of these stands are made of metal but there are also some hardwood, glass and acrylic stands so that you have more than a few options to choose from.

These high quality and glamorous stands come in some beautiful designs, from basic round stands with no pedestal to ornate, multi-tier cake stands with glass crystal and bead decorations. There really is something here for all tastes.

All of our gold cake stands are of course food-safe and easily cleaned, they are mainly suited for weddings, engagements and baby showers.

Please use the table below to click-through to descriptions and pricing for individual gold cake stands.

Plastic Cake Stand Round33.5 x 8
Metal Cake Stand 4-Leg stand25.5 x 14.5
Metal Cake Stand 3-Set20-30.5 x 13
Hardboard Cake Stand 3-Set20-30 x 25
Metal Cake Stand 3 Tier18-22 x 34
Metal Cake Stand Pedestal25 x 30
Glass Cake Stand Pedestal31.5 x 10
Acrylic Cake Stand Multi-platter30 x 34
Metal Cake Stand Pedestal20 x 18

Gold Cake Stand


This vibrant gold cake stand is round and measures 33.5 centimetres (14 inches) in diameter and 8 centimetres (3.5 inches) in height. Made from a high quality food and odour safe polymer resin (plastic). The size and strength of the plastic result in a cake stand that can safely hold the heaviest multi-tiered cake for display or decoration purposes.

Metal Gold Cake Stand

(4-Leg support)

This beautiful and ornate gold cake stand is not only perfect for displaying a range of foods but will also bring a high-quality vintage touch to any event or occasion. Made from metal with a filigree, lace style detailed edge and four curled feet. This stand is 25.5 centimetres in width, 14.5 centimetres in height and 25.5 centimetres in depth.

Metal Gold Cake Stand

(Set of 3)

This stunning Victorian style cake stand is available in gold, silver or bronze, with beautiful metal detailing and attractive glass crystals and beads.  This stand comes with three tiers measuring in diameter 20 centimetres, 25.5 centimetres and 30.5 centimetres and stands at 13 centimetres in height. Painted to give a distressed, vintage look product is 100% food safe.

Hardboard Gold Cake Stand

(Set of 3)

This is a set of three gold cake or food display stands made of hard board measuring 20 centimetres, 25 centimetres and 30 centimetres. This beautiful set of food display boards will not only add a touch of luxury and elegance to any event or occasion but are also food safe, perfect for cakes, canapés, appetizers or cheeses.

Metal Gold Cake Stand

(3 Tier)

This elegant 3 tier cake stand is made from 100% food safe stainless steel and is available in gold or silver. The 3 tiers measure 222 millimetres, 202 millimetres, and 182 millimetres in diameter with edges that are raised; making it perfect to not only display cupcakes or appetizers but also smaller items such as nuts, sweets, chocolates or mints.

Metal Gold Cake Stand

(6 Finishes)

This hand crafted Victorian style cake stand is 25 centimetres wide, made from stainless steel and comes with ornate metal detailing and beautiful glass crystals and beading around the edge.  Painted in 100% food safe paint in a vintage, distressed style and available in Champagne, Gold, Pink, Silver, White and Rose Gold: perfect for any wedding, party or elegant event.

Glass Gold Cake Stand

(Glass support)

This simple yet charming glass cake stand with pedestal is perfect for elegantly displaying and decorating cakes. The cake stand is made of glass and comes in gold adding a luxurious touch to any occasion or event. The round cake base is 31.5 centimetres by 31.5 centimetres and stands 10 cm in height to really help your cake stand out.

Acrylic Gold Cake Stand

(3 or 4 platters)

These cake stands are available with 3 or 4 tiers and with or without a carry handle (tiers of 12 inches, 10 inches, 8 inches and 6 inches available). Made out of 100% food safe, durable and easy to clean acrylic. Supplied with durable central rods and easy to follow instructions for simple assembly, perfect for displaying food at any occasion.

Metal Gold Cake Stand

(Glass decoration)

This Victorian style cake stand features a mirrored top, ornate hand crafted metal edging and beautiful hanging glass crystals and beads. The top surface place is 25 centimetres wide and the tall column result in stand being 18 centimetres in height perfect for a centrepiece. This cake stand is available in gold, silver or white and is 100% food safe.